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Saturn in the 12th House: Mastering the Depths

Question: I have Saturn in the 12th house, and I think it is my karmic lesson in this lifetime ito achieve emotional wholeness, which means dealing with crippling insecurities, heavy responsibilities, severe limitations, and healing the unconscious past. Any thoughts? The 12th is one area of life where any effort to gain insight into your own fears is the first step in overcoming them. Integrate the power of your unconscious processes to determine where your anxieties have stemmed from. Defeating your greatest anxieties will result in greatly increased confidence and self-respect. Saturn positively used in your chart is an attempt to rely on yourself, strengthen the personality, and gain self-reliance. It can be difficult with Saturn in the oceanic 12th house because you tend to draw very sharp boundaries between your rational consciousness and the chaos of your own depths found in this sphere of life. There are very definite mechanisms that control this expression, and there is a part of you that is fearful in the sea of the collective unconscious which surrounds you and which threatens the dissolution of your own individuality. It is not just your personal feelings that you run from; escaping from distressing emotions is a part of it, but it is the denial of the deeper level of human suffering, darkness, and longing which frightens you. Those sea-like feelings are a gateway, and you’re fascinated by this deep and watery realm containing all that is mysterious, psychic, and subconscious mental, but it can also bring a smorgasbord of puzzling things in your life that challenge you constantly – in the form of phobias, dreams, obsessions, psychosomatic symptoms, or other symbols of a self-governing life which has its own motivations and which you are challenged to master. You need to face the challenge of this storehouse of the unconscious (12th) and explore its depths, through working on your feelings and beliefs, family past, and fantasies, so as to reveal your secret self. For in confronting the difficult issue of the invisible and nonrational inner world, you will learn about its richness and engage in the symbolic story happening underneath. No matter how deep its ocean, learning how to navigate it and then how to work creatively with it, means that you will not fear drowning in it. The only way through this is to make a commitment to swim those depths and heights and embrace them. It can at times feel like a dark and fathomless place, and you’ll explore meditation, psychotherapy, art, music, nature and other activities and techniques which try to connect us to your unconscious mind in order to bring some of its richness into consciousness, to foster a rapport with your unconscious. The 12th house carries the past, how much of it is difficult to say, family ghosts and myths and unresolved complexes make this realm incredibly potent. It is the unseen chain of events that stretches back and in time. Saturn represents a defense system and its structures and draws boundaries and protects and shuts out harmful or threatening experience. Saturn is terribly sensitive to the chaotic unconsciousness of this realm and to the souls of many. With Saturn here, you may find it terrifying defending yourself against it, either by walling it out altogether or trying to define it into something concrete and manageable. The house where Saturn fall is where you have the most fear, the most insecurity, and also, the most determination to become self-sufficient and overcome a challenge. It is an excellent placement for exploration of the inner world, because of it’s so cautious and careful. Thus you become an indestructible base of self-knowledge on which you develop greater confidence in yourself and your worth as an ordinary person. For in confronting your emotional restraints and fears, you will restore areas of deep pain and defensiveness within yourself; and this will give you much greater appreciation for this emotional whirlpool. The psychological insights you gain may also eventually develop into skills in healing, psychic practice, psychotherapy, or dream work which can be of great service to others who have not yet found a way through their own emotional storms or explored their many deep-seated feelings….

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