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Taurus Rising: Slow is Beautiful

Beautiful and talented and so aesthetic in temperament, you look for grace and beauty all the time and in all things. There is a love of pretty clothes and jewels, books and music, birds and flowers. You enjoy the beauty of nature, the sparkling streams and the lovely, colorful flowers that bloom all over the meadows and hillsides. The Taurean enjoys sensual things around their environment and is attracted towards things of an artistic nature. The ruler of Taurus is Venus. Venus is associated with love, attractiveness, ease of living, graciousness and charm. Taurus is the practice of stopping to simply be in the present. To assimilate a bit of beauty and to allow experiences to fully enrich, and get the maximum out of an experience. For the previous sign (Aries), the proposition of stopping is scary because it thinks it will miss something. Remember, without stopping, you could miss everything. Overall, with Taurus rising, you’re a solid presence in life, not wild and skittish. As you radiate love and practicality, an immutable strength flows out with a powerful desire for security and peace of mind. Staunch and earthy you have a wonderfully pragmatic way to deal with reality. The endurance in your possession is unsurpassed and there is a sturdy elegance. Being an earthy sign, there is a need to act out in a down-to-earth fashion. Sometimes, though, a little reminder of heaven can influence even the solidly down to earth. Earthy people are at home with physical reality and immediate tasks at hand. Earthy types love routine and familiar surroundings. Also, you can’t pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to the five senses. No sir. Peservance ad intensity is powerful but you need things to function in the world as fixed and absolute as yourself, and will not stray from your resoluteness. The qualities of honor and pride can be admirable traits in your personality. Taureans, though, are a stubborn lot who often require significant discomfort and pain before getting serious about growing and changing. You like to develop at your own pace, no matter how much others push you towards theirs. Psychologically, you resist growing in a way that feels forced and most of all unnatural and, hence, this is where the reputation for being stubborn originates. Perhaps this stubbornness is hard to admit and deal with was because your stubbornness is keeping you from dealing with your stubbornness. But isn’t that how ye made us? I hear you say. Taurus was certainly designed to have the most resistance of any of the astrological signs. Change is tough and this sign resists with every fiber of its being. Taurus sometimes has to ask this important question every now and again: What is the cost of not changing – of continuing in this same pattern over the next ten years? We could call it steadfastness when there is no compromise, no flexibility, no half measures. The Taurean’s primal fear in this life is to deal with the incarnated soul’s need for safety. It is founded on the desire to tie a planned incarnation to a sort of guarantee that won’t be terminated by premature death, e.g. some fatal threat or circumstances occurring so violently and unexpectedly, that the incarnated human being has neither time to prepare for it nor to fend it off. It really has to to do with the fear of unpredictability and so you want peace at all costs. You have remarkably fine qualities and absolutely love your possessions, but this can sometimes cause a great difficulty in relationships and among the family. According to Liz Greene, the development of the Taurean story could be about greed and possessiveness. If Taurus doesn’t show the proper willingness to offer up the thing valued most, instead of claiming it for himself, there can be serious consequences. Rather than saying, I own it, I built it, It’s mine and no one can take it away from me. I own no one anything,” the type needs to acknowledge true values. The astrologer believes this same theme is found in Buddhism, the theme of non-attachment and recognition of the true inner self, and Buddha is traditionally a Taurus. So are your possessions possessing you? It can be difficult to influence Taurus, not even one iota. For those who try to influence Taurus, it can’t be done by force. The Taurean must be appealed to in a friendly way, coaxed into a receptive frame of mind. That stubbornness that you have as a human can really come in handy. The outlook is geared toward financial security and you do not want anyone to invade your comfort zone and will make long-term investments for the uncertain future. It’s a rare Taurean who will give up a good steady income; a job with benefits and a pension plan. The evolutionary journey involves the desire to become stronger and able to draw upon your resources and talents and explore your sensuality and creative side. You’re  either encouraged in your sexuality or to express your sensuality through your creativity, express this hidden but vitally feminine, powerful part of yourself. The relationship with the body could be important and it’s exploring the pleasure aspects – visual, auditory, tactile, etc. You’re also developing this extremely grounded and resourceful side and presenting a solid common sense and fixed face to the world. A deep desire in life could be to acquire something of permeance, whether large or small, that anchors you to the earth plane. Most of all, you want what you desire above all else: love and affection; attachment and connection….

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