Month: February 2018

Venus in Libra: Charmony

With Venus in Libra, you have a sense of justice and fair play in romance and social relations. Moreover, you are

Venus in Virgo: The Fixer-Upper

Categorised as its ‘fall’ position, this placement of Venus receives quite a few harsh interpretations from astrologers. Apparently, the reason

16 Neptune Quotes

With Neptune in the 7th there are many different ways where a Soul can be utterly deluded by way of

Neptune Transits: The Worst of Times

A Neptune transit can bring a mood of profound disillusionment and tragic disenchantment due to an inability to look at the

Venus in Leo: I Heart Me

With Venus in Leo, you thrive on dramatic displays of affection, passion, and drama, which are all an integral part

The Astrology of Blushing

Question: What in a natal chart would indicate a person who blushes easily and cannot hide it? I know fair

Venus in Cancer: Love Is the Moon, the Stars, and the Sky

With this placement, you’re sweet, enchanting, and alluring in ways others might not completely understand. And let’s not forget, that

Venus in Gemini: Blah Blah Blah Love

Let’s start with a mental picture of Venus in Gemini. Okay, you’re fun to dialogue with, we can almost hear

Venus in Taurus: Steadfast Love

Venus is in dignity in Taurus, and you’ll have the most developed sensuality of all the signs. Oozing with seductiveness,

Mercury-Jupiter: Do You Have To Exaggerate?

Question: Mercury-Jupiter gives one a tendency to exaggerate the truth. Not to lie, but simply to exaggerate the truth. Any