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The Astrology of Blushing

Question: What in a natal chart would indicate a person who blushes easily and cannot hide it? I know fair skin plays a part obviously. How about a person who can feel the heat rush up towards their face when they are angry, embarrassed, excited and they may be able to control their words but not their face? (This is me.) Even the subject of blushing can make one blush. Apparently, blushing can be brought on by embarrassment, anxiety, or other factors. It is thought to be triggered by self-conscious thoughts. Severe redness in the face can result from the fear of being judged negatively and, which is often the case, any form of criticism makes the individual lose their self-esteem. It could be because the type takes things too seriously or even too much to heart. Usually, it is brought on by many mental triggers happening inside, and the fear of blushing makes things worse. Some people seem, however, to suffer extreme embarrassment in the absence of any clearly defined external evoking stimuli. For these individuals, it appears that internal and expressive cues, notably blushing, are sufficient to provoke extreme embarrassment and hence the fear of social situations. As a sufferer from this kind of blushing, I have researched this to some degree. Now from the consensus of views, it seems that most people think it’s a combination of too many watery planets (mostly Cancer and Pisces) or even a combination of Pisces and 12th house planets and Neptune aspects due to their propensity towards extreme oversensitivity. It is so much receptivity and impressionability to any kind of stimuli. Whereas other individuals will have grown some kind of skin or protection, those with Pisces, Neptune, and/or the 12th house powerful in the chart will often have little boundary between themselves and the world. Neptunian energy is prone to extreme sensitivity and thus the need for withdrawal, so there is shyness, and withdrawing from public contact with others. The planet Saturn can play a factor by its nature of being painfully introverted, mostly angst-ridden and fearful in whatever area it is influencing. Saturn has a tendency to cramp the personality and it can, rather achingly, leave large areas of the personality that long to be expressed. Capricorn and Saturn give the personality considerable self-consciousness suffers and individuals suffer from inferiority and so forth. I rummaged through Charles’ Carter’s book for more information. It’s been such a long time since I have searched An Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology. It is a handy little book at times for pinpointing some character traits. On Sensitivity: Sensitiveness is common to all the watery signs and perhaps most of all to Cancer, this sign is susceptible to outside influences in the highest degree. All the negative signs are on the whole more receptive and sensitive than the positive, with the usual exception of Taurus, which is often extremely obdurate against criticism or slights of any kind – whence, among other reasons, the fact that it is the sign of its lunar exaltation. Here only the Moon may be said to find rest and stability. Leo and Sagittarius probably come next in lack of sensitiveness. Virgo is easily hurt and inclines to adopt an attitude of what is commonly called “huffiness”. Capricorn readily feels slights or snubs, and is very sensitive to neglect or being overlooked. Libra is easily hurt, but, unlike the watery signs, has a short memory for such things, and can generally be easily consoled. Gemini and Aquarius are predominantly mental and do not feel injured over easily. On Shyness: Shyness is a form of sensitiveness and is to some extent connected with too pronounced consciousness of the self. It is also to some degree analogous to suspicious and timidity. Astrologically the usual indications are Saturnian-lunar afflictions in some form or other, and a lack of positive elements in the map. Cancer is especially shy, and just as the lunar influence is strongest in childhood and then grows weaker, so adults usually grow out of their shyness. Besides Cancer, Virgo is often extremely shy, and the same is sometimes found in Scorpio or Pisces children. So perhaps it’s a combination of different things astrologically for each person individually. For me it’s related to being overly self-conscious and modest and also being ultra-sensitive and no doubt with some unresolved self-beliefs or experiences from the past. For cures: It’s thought that the blusher should learn that others do not really care that much to judge him. Most people being far more interested in themselves and, I guess, being in their own universe. Blushing locks the individual in a challenging cycle because there is the desire to withdraw completely from the social scene. Whereas the individual actually needs the exposure to these kinds of fearful situations in order to overcome the problem. Other ideas that have been put forth are mild drinking, exercise, or even anti-anxiety tablets. The most interesting approach, which I found the most fascinating to try, is the Paradoxical Intentional technique. Paradoxical intention means that you do the opposite of what you would normally do in response to a fear. You embrace the fear, something which could possibly be used in other fears related to Saturn. Here are some studies on this idea of Paradoxical Intentions: Let me explain. In a book called mans search for meaning (sold 9 million copies), he tells the story of a man who had a terrible stutter. Never in his life had this young man been free from the problem of stuttering, except on one occasion. This was when he jumped on a bus without buying a ticket. He resolved that the only way to escape was to enlist the sympathy of the conductor by demonstrating that he was a poor stuttering boy. At the moment, when he tried to stutter, he was unable to do so. Without meaning to, he had practiced paradoxical intention. My therapist has told me over the next 2 weeks to go into social situations and try to blush as much as possible. Really try hard to blush. If you feel yourself blushing, try to blush more. Welcome the blush. Love the blush response! I imagine this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you have been doing for the past so many years… am I correct? Remember, that which you resist, persists. So that means if you don’t resist, what is there to persist? You should try the method of paradoxical intention. Whenever you are in public, tell yourself that now you are going to turn crimson, everybody will notice and be appalled by the deep red of your skin color. This notion sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? That is precisely the point. Laugh at yourself and you will notice anxiety subside. Probably because you stop fighting with yourself and this gradually allows you to get drawn into the social interaction with others. A case history is presented of a 27-yr-old male for whom blushing had become a significant problem. He was successfully treated over a 7-session period primarily by paradoxical intention therapy. Other treatment reports on therapies for blushing are called for, and paradoxical intention is recommended as an effective treatment. A 25-year-old male was treated by paradoxical intention for erythrophobia that had been present for 12 years. Severe blushing episodes decreased from 28 during the month preceding treatment to three during treatment; there were never more than two severe blushing episodes per month during the 6-month follow-up. The mean duration of each severe episode was 13 minutes before treatment, 8 minutes during treatment, and varied from 4 to 9 minutes during follow-up. Although this treatment is easy for both the patient and therapist, it is important that the patient be highly motivated. A good relationship with the therapist and the use of humor can enhance the therapeutic efficacy of paradoxical intention….

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