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Pluto-Moon Transit: The Alpha Bitch

When transiting Pluto aspects the Moon it will often invoke a painful emotional experience involving the feminine side of life. Nasty conflicts with women are very common – a particular woman enters our life who seems to be really poisonous or destructive or a female friend or companion seems to turn nasty and treacherous or betrays us. If in an intimate relationship with a female and it contains unhealthy patterns these will surface and she may act compulsively. It can involve a power struggle and we seem to be asked to endure one hell of an emotionally turbulent time. With such transits they can also show jealous and controlling feelings along with emotionally explosive moments. We might, for instance, be the target of an intimate hate. Someone who is wounded or emotionally unstable might make us the object of their angry campaign. Sometimes in these cases, if we defend or retaliate, we will just dig deeper into the mire. So, overall, it can represent some plutonifying confrontations with an intense and controlling woman, but she might be just what’s needed for us to gain some valuable insights into the shadowy side of our nature. And this transit always carries a relationship into the honest talk about painful, difficult or shameful subjects – and that’s the domain of Pluto. If we get through the transit it can create an unparalleled sense of psychological intimacy with a partner. Psychological truthfulness is the healer but it must be tempered with love and compassion. If the truth is dished out in hatred it will only serve to make the other defensive, which results in a painful interaction. If we are in a relationship with a woman, especially Plutonian, it could feel like our good witch of the North quickly morphs to the wicked witch of the West. For men, a Moon-Pluto transit can be very important because it is an opportunity for them to delve more deeply into their feeling nature. A man is likely to feel unusually touchy, over-reactive and oversensitive at this time. He might be surprised at the kinds of emotions he discovers in himself…Like the Hydra’s heads, the feelings activated by a Pluto-Moon transit cannot be dealt with by trying to clobber them to death…Men with these transits need time to be with and explore their feelings…If a man runs away from his emotional problems now, they will reappear later with more force than ever, often taking the form of physical illness…A man can experience this transit through a woman in his life: his mother, wife, girlfriend or daughter could be undergoing a difficult time. Or a man may meet a woman now whose nature is coloured strongly by Pluto or Scorpio, and she will have the effect of transforming him on some way! Howard Sasportas Johnny Depp was under transiting Pluto conjunct his Moon when his wife Amber Heard – Sun opposite Pluto When Pluto transits our moon, a woman we are involved with may change her entire psychic organization and it changes her personality, psychology, and even temperament radically. Sometimes this female changes so much on the inner level of being that her needs and desires also transform. The woman may suffer a major loss, pain or separation that acts as a catalyst for profound psychological growth and transformation. It could involve entering into therapy or delving deeper into psychology. It can involve her going deeper into spiritual studies and searching for something that feels more meaningful. The woman may have increased supernatural abilities and begin to sense things powerfully and psychically. On the positive side, she may go through an evolutionary and transformative period and will no longer accept things naively and can become willful, powerful, and feel self- empowered. The Pluto-Moon transit aspect suggests a powerful feeling nature, and those watery depths are rather dark, murky and forbidding. We can be forgiven for our reluctance to stir them up. The Pluto-Moon transit also seems to represent fated encounters with females and blind compulsiveness and emotional entanglements. And It is part of the process that these feelings involving this female should get right under our skin. But we should try not to feel overwhelmed, even though we commonly feel like we are a sponge-like absorber for painful emotions, and it often makes us feel exploited. In this pit of betrayal, longing and eroticism, we feel someone is out to destroy and annihilate us – particularly the female of the species. Women (Moon) can be ‘bad’ in different ways. There are gold-diggers amongst us, sweet-talking manipulators, those that try and change us or persuade us to spend more time with them and less with our friends and family, and those who are simply taking us for an emotional roller-coaster ride. If we think we’re heading into a relationship with a manipulative, jealous, or generally untrusty woman, well, we are not totally to blame since, at least during this transit, other women seem shallow, dull and quite frankly not quite as sexy and alluring. During this transition, we need to think about the emotions invoked in us, and we may need space and time to appreciate what the pain is about. This enables us to have the experience and to apprehend its meaning. It may lead to greater personal evolution and the ability to handle painful emotions in others. We can have intense experiences with women, and some can be with passionate, deep, and spiritual, deeply involved with their growth as human beings. And we will, whether we to or not, experience the deepest, most intense emotions of our life. Although the possibility of emotional trauma, abuse, brutal, and fated events are ever present, so too is the possibility of forming bonds that are profound and emotional within which any painful feelings are contained, held, rendered more tolerable, and, hopefully, eventually integrated. As we do our work of deepening our relationship with our emotions, Pluto brings meaning and purpose in terms of further self-unfoldment and psychological growth….

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