New office/Reading Space Decorated

By | May 22, 2018

I have a comfy chair a little bit like this in my new room

I have a new space to write and read. My house is currently being re-decorated downstairs. Kitchen has been pulled out. The mess has been driving me wild. I have found it really hard to concentrate and get focused. So I decided at the weekend everything was to be put on hold and my space needs to be here right now! The new room is relaxing. I love it. So thank you Jupiter transiting 3rd house. Although with the long list of new stuff I was writing about for this transit, I feel like I’ve really been milking it – well, at least more than the other transit houses ha ha! This transit probably feels better because I have 7th house planets and Jupiter in the 11th –  trines galore – and Uranus is in the 3rd. I probably won’t mind Jupiter through the 4th – even  if there are squares to the 7th house stuff. I’ll probably just overdo the home stuff and put on weight with too much good living and eating. I can keep my posting schedule back to 4-5 posts per week. I have lots of editing to do, research and stuff and now I can organize everything – woo hoo!

All the best, Julie.