Month: June 2018

Saturn Transits the 8th House

When Saturn transits through the 8th house, hidden powers and controlling habit patterns are examined, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies will be

Pluto Trine Venus Transit: The Whiff of Fate

With Venus-Pluto the longing for destiny is nowhere stronger than in our romantic life. All too often we are forced

Saturn Transits the 7th House

When Saturn transits the 7th house, we must take relationships seriously. Our primary partnership will be the focus area for

Saturn Transits the 6th House

When Saturn transits the 6th house, circumstances demand that we ground issues concerning work, co-workers, health, and skills. We have

Moon Trine Neptune: Angel in the Waters

One of the traits of Moon-Neptune is that of being highly compassionate, and those with this kind of spiritual quality

Saturn Transits the 5th House

When Saturn transits the 5th house, it is a time of working hard on your gifts and abilities, the parts that

The Hard Aspects: Internal Conflicts – Updated

On the astrological chart, squares and oppositions represent our internal conflicts, which are, to say the least, the most dramatic

Saturn Transits the 4th House

When Saturn is transiting the 4th house, we bring order or establish things in the home and family, our sense

Saturn Transits the 3rd House

When Saturn transits the 3rd house, we establish and bring order into issues concerning our everyday encounters and affairs, our

Pluto Square Ascendant

With Pluto square the Ascendant it can give overpowering conflicts and a constant war with your identity, which is profoundly