I will be doing the Saturn transits through the houses next. I will try and mix it up with other posts so it’s not too monotonous. However, with planets transiting the houses you can read as if they are natal placements (exact same energy and themes, it’s just applied to the whole of your life journey). More bang for your buck. I will then give you a break from transits and start some Nodal posts. I haven’t completed those. I want to buy a new set of books for that topic and read what other astrologers are stating (if any of you know of any good books send me an email and I will start buying this Friday and wait for them all to arrive.) I find Nodes hard to research in other people’s lives. The only way I can do nodal research is usually trough transits hitting the Nodes. I will have a good bash at it. I will also be getting back to synastry aspects at some point. I have saved a lot of cute couple pictures for those topics.

Thanks, Julie