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Saturn Transits the 2nd House

When Saturn transits the 2nd house, it is a time to define financial goals and discover the benefits (most likely the hard way) of personal planning and techniques to help us handle our finances. This transit asks us to marshal and control our personal resources. In the long run, it will allow us to improve our standard of living, enjoy our money by spending it more wisely and to build on our wealth. It is often during this cycle where we make plans, devise strategies, and heavily budget. This could be happening for any number of reasons and most probably due to a change in our circumstances. Perhaps there has been a separation from a partner and he/she has withdrawn financial support, or there is a job loss, or the denial of any other kind of sustainment that we’ve been relying upon. Transiting Saturn in our 2nd house acts like a parent giving us frugal living lessons by whatever means necessary. Hence the reason why it forces us into financial independence and why it must stem entirely from our own efforts. If we have never really saved before then Saturn’s transit through the 2nd house can be more challenging, and especially if we usually spend money regardless of the consequences. Saturn is now on our case to monitor and order living expenses, purchases, and credit card spending. Saturn makes us face up to our obligations and it’s often best to use this time for goal setting, rather than heavily resisting and feeling depressed over our current living conditions. Sometimes we worry that when Saturn transits this house we’re going to be living cheap and stingy and  it’s just not going to be fun. But it’s really only about examining our priorities and handling some difficult lessons of self-sufficiency. True, Saturn here would rather avoid extravagance but this does not mean a lifestyle that is lacking in good fashionable clothes, quality possessions, and durable items. Some of us feel that Saturn is too hard and demanding, and his may be true if we are not used to living with financial limits, but it will, however, make us critically examine our choices. Even a person who has been very extravagant and careless with money becomes more practical and realistic where finances are concerned. If Saturn is making good aspects, it can greatly improve the income through diligence and hard work. Self-discipline with the finances is what is demanded. The Art of Predictive Astrology Saturn through the 2nd house helps us to achieve a clearly defined structured framework from which to operate. Life in this area will feel heavier than usual and as money pressures sometimes gain we focus on making an income, meeting expenses, and being practical. During this transit, perhaps it might feel like we’re not really living much at all. However, one of the lessons could be to learn how to live more on less. If we have been spoiling ourselves beyond belief then Saturn will play the “bad guy” and teach us some valuable lessons. We can moan and whine or become a savvy money manager, and learn how to make better choices. Lack is a state where Saturn seems to express and it may bring feelings of not being good enough or worthy. Even overindulging is based on a sense of lacking something – fear of not having what we consider sufficient, adequate amount, or an ample supply of something. During this time, we may experience financial difficulties and could be undervaluing ourselves or gravely overemphasizing the importance of material matters as opposed to what constitutes true and fundamental worth. If our finances have been out of control this is a great transit for handling this area of life with maturity. A grown-up attitude helps us to consolidate and affirm our assets and build a stronger foundation for wealth, possessions and self-worth. A lot of pressure and responsibility is placed on what we value and it may involve us in a great deal of self-analysis and self-examination. As we  grapple to gain the bare necessities of life, this hardship provides great impetus toward becoming financially stable or even wealthy. Occasionally, we might feel ourselves envying those who have great riches and think of those who are more fortunate as selfish people. Sometimes it takes hard work for the riches in life to come, and only after a long arduous struggle to gain them. Saturn is about taking ownership, and so this could represent a period of challenges where we struggle under the weight of debt, deficits, and old bills. Circumstances demand or help us to establish, make stable or put into order issues concerning our finances, possessions, earning power, self-worth, and sense of what has value for us….

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