Neptune transits

Neptune Transits the 4th House

When Neptune transits through the 4th house, it brings idealism, longings, and inspiration into your abode. Your dream house represents not just a dwelling but your concept of the ideal family – the ideal of happiness, tranquility, love, and fulfillment. Hence the glamour of home interiors with its pictures, images, and symbols – leading you to think that life could be perfect if you lived somewhere closer to your fantasy image. You may dream of a cottage with roses around the doors, a front yard decorated with beautiful flowers;  lilies, violets, dahlias, daisies. Perhaps you long to live in a remote place, by the beach, or even a lake. On some level, Neptune here often takes you childlike dreaming, and there may also be a nostalgia for an elusive past, which embarks on a spiritual journey to discover your inner self.  Ultimately, though, this beautiful feeling needs to come from surrounding yourself with reflections of your soulful insides, and  to provide some of the kind of spiritual prop, for what you most need right now is a haven from the stresses of the outside world, During this cycle, some people learn difficult lessons that home really needs to be your sanctuary. And it must be treated as a sacred place (not as a waste bin) for peace and rest. You may long to create a serene space at this time, and this will mean decluttering, decorating, adding plants, fish, and even a nice plaque that reads: home is where love resides, memories are created, friends are always welcome, and family is forever. You do have to be careful though that legitimate needs for the home don’t turn into endless desires, and your expectations rise higher and higher and so much so that there is this constant unsatisfaction because dreams never perfectly match up to reality. You might have to accept not everything appears the way you have dreamed it in an instant. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t make wonderful changes that reflect the home you’ve always dreamt about, just be mindful of not falling into unhealthy dissatisfaction. Everybody wants complete fulfillment in Neptune’s house, but being creative and having healthy expectations is really what works best in reality. Sometimes the transit manifests as domestic problems with a spouse, parents, or family. The boundaries weaken and you should be careful who you offer hospitality towards. There is the potential for “bad spirits” to enter into this house through domestic chaos, alcoholism or an irresponsible family member and so on,  everything seemingly comes undone. If this is the case, it can be embarrassing to bring others to your place, so the ideal home that you’re striving for, may not be so idyllic after all. You might have to learn to set some strong lines in this area, and especially if you find yourself constantly enabling someone. While Neptune here is all about unconditional love for our family, you become a rescuer of someone, constantly saving this individual from the “mess” he or she has created. Things are far from tidy in this realm, and the house could become capsized by irresponsibility, addictive substances, disorganization, and because you’re enabling another human being and keeping this individual from doing the things he or should be doing. For this period you also have to be careful about flooding or plumbing issues which may surface, and sometimes, kind of like a dream, it shows the waves of water that reflect something emotional or at the core of the family that needs to be ‘mopped up’ or seen to. Things may feel chaotic and messy and it is particularly stressful when you are longing for a home that belongs in a magazine. Even more disconcerting, perhaps hauntings,  strange or weird incidents, or surreal events are happing in your pace of rest, usually it could mean that you are becoming spiritually or more psychically in touch with your roots. When Neptune transits the fourth house, you can feel the need to beautify your home and garden. Creativity, particularly in domestic pursuits, is heightened. I have seen people build their dream homes under this transit or literally purchase a house on the water, as Neptune rules water. With bad Neptune transits, I have seen flooded basements and plugged sewers. A friend had the transit of Neptune cross her fourth house cusp recently, and she had thousands of dollars worth of flood damage. I have also observed a friend’s parent get Alzheimer’s disease when Neptune entered my friend’s fourth house and made very difficult aspects. The Art of Predictive Astrology…

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