Image Upload Issues

I am currently having image upload issues. While I can hopefully get a picture into the blog, it is not letting me set a featured image. I have had to quickly change the template because the other one goes weird when you just have a picture and no feature. It aligns the text all skewed. I can still post but I can’t access pictures. I’ve already been onto technical support with no solution. The guy was really nice and helpful and said it might be network problems. Sometimes it takes a while to find a fix. I am kind of hoping the way it went off all of a sudden, it will suddenly pop back on again.  So far, no such luck. The irony of it all! With my recent picture issues. Or it could be the Law of Attraction at work. What you think about builds momentum and shows itself everywhere. Like if you think about a yellow car every day,  write it down and keep it on the brain frequently, then just wait as the days go on. It’s those strange forces at work. Test it out on anything, it’s crafty stuff. Maybe it really has to do with the transiting Sun in Virgo in my 1st house on Saturn, so when it leaves I won’t be so frustrated. You know with the Virgoan criticism of my pics and then Saturn blocking access and causing  a hard time generally. I will be back onto tech tonight to see if it can be fixed. I will get the next post ready now. Sorry about the problems at the moment. I kind of can’t wait for the transiting Sun to move along…haha!