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Transiting Saturn Aspects the Moon

When transiting Saturn aspects the Moon, there is a heavier focus on your feelings, emotions, and need for security. It is a time of sobering introspection, perhaps even a period of aloneness. If you properly use this cycle, however, it’s not all doom and gloom and you will achieve immense inner growth, self-reliance, and a greater sense of stability. Psychologists say that emotional steadiness is a direct contributor to happiness because without it you fall into a pattern of jealousy, heartache, and depression. This is also a transit to press down quite hard if you have been emotionally immature and unstable and haven’t been developing that inner sense of independence and self-reliance seen in most adults. It could be that you’re taking charge of your personal life and learning to withstand difficult situations in the domestic sphere, handling adversity, and remaining capable throughout. This a good thing, as when you’re pitted against the everyday frustrations of living, the last thing you need is to fall at the mercy of the challenges ahead, During this time, you may be examining feelings from the past, looking at present emotional circumstances, critical personal relationships, and shaping your homelife. This could involve working through old vulnerabilities as a grown-up, and trying to reconcile them once and for all. In particular, you might be looking at feelings related to trust, comfort, and safety. But a sense of helplessness may generate fears and a loss of control. And this means that getting your emotional act together is challenging, and especially if you have a difficult natal Moon profile. You must get your emotional life in check, for this is when internal issues are brought to the surface, and you might also have to learn to endure pain and hardship without showing feelings or complaining, and doing what is expected of you. When Saturn transits the Moon, sadness, grief, and fatigue are its heavy feeling. You may something like, “I am “weighed down” with sadness, I am “burdened” with grief, I am so tired …I am so tired that my shoulders sag, my head is bent over, my limbs are so heavy and I can barely move them.” It could be a period where you feel downhearted and discouraged and with lots of extra stuff to deal with. But this is the best way to develop your inner strength, and while it is easy to feel panic-stricken and laden with severe tests, it’s best to handle this transition in a quiet orderly manner and with skill and intelligence. Maybe ask for counsel from someone who is older and more experienced, for you are solely taking care of things. You are making the decisions, and maybe it is you who is doing all the cooking, cleaning, and paying the bills. With this transit, you experience some sense of rejection, or there is an overly unkind analysis of your weaknesses and imperfections and especially deep vulnerabilities. The experience of pain at this juncture could make you self-critical, moody, and hypersensitive. You may not feel others are supportive. You feel unlovable. You may not be unable to accept love, help, kindness, and prefer to stay isolated until you get through whatever is causing you to feel so low, excessively fearful, or worried. You could also feel emotionally inhibited and shy, more than usual.  Often, under this duration, you need to build emotional strength in order to handle extra duties or forge a home of your own. Overall, it could be a time of greater responsibility at home, more weight on your shoulders to support the family, culminating in the feeling of being burdened. It can be an emotionally low time, but also one of doing analytic inside work, and alone time is perfect for gaining strength and dealing with any issues bothering you. In general, this is a period of reflection, emotional restructuring, and organization of your psyche, you examine unconscious behaviors, cravings, addictions, needs, and build your emotional support system….

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