Month: November 2018

Neptune Transits: Living the Dream

Question: What transits make dreams come true? With Neptune in our chart we can spend many years dreaming and imagining

Sun-Pluto: Types of Men Attracted

Question: Do women with the Sun in aspect to Pluto attract Scorpio men? Females may attract fellas with lots of

Uranus Transits Moon

When transiting Uranus aspects the Moon, your emotional patterns are changed and this manifests itself in various ways. It could

Composite Ascendant and the Outer Transits

Question: I’ve read in many articles that when the composite Ascendant is affected by heavy outer planet transits, the relationship

Shania Twain: The Affair

It was the worst betrayal imaginable. Her best friend had been having an affair with her husband of 15 years

Shania Twain: Death of Parents

It was on a tragic autumn night, the worst of her life, that she received the devastating news from her

Pluto in the 1st House (Moon-Pluto): Transformed Vision of Life

Question: So, I’ve read some things on Pluto conjunct Moon. And most are about transformations/eating disorders/mommy issues. I have Moon

Uranus Transits Sun

Transiting Uranus to the Sun may bring a sense of enthusiasm and excitement. You cannot tell what the changes are

Disappearing Post? – Mercury-Neptune

I posted the article on the hard aspects are “bad” on Tuesday. I was off for two days. I was

Saturn Transits Mars

When transiting Saturn aspects Mars your assertiveness, drive, and fighting spirit are put to the test. You feel more determined