Quick Update

My kids are off again for the holidays. I am working on Sun-Jupiter synastry at the moment. I bought Stephen Arroyo’s relationship book yesterday. I will see if there is any interesting information in there for my synastry work.

For the holiday I suddenly thought I would buy one of those projectors you can attach to your laptop and watch Netflix in the different regions and Prime Video and so forth. I also got a projector screen of 100 inches to use for the bedroom. I suddenly wanted a cinema experience for upstairs where you can black everything out. Usually, when I do something slightly different (or something has happened on a smaller scale), I check the faster moving transits.

The Sun has just entered Pisces (my Sun is at 8 degrees Pisces. My 40th is coming soon. I still feel like I am in my twenties). Mercury is in Pisces (never far from the Sun) and is nearly conjunct my Moon-Mercury Pisces conjunction, which is square my 4th house Neptune. Pisces and Neptune rule the cinematic experience. Transiting Jupiter is on my 4th house (home) Neptune, which makes things bigger and better (if you are lucky). I think you can see the big screen cinematic screen theme going on with those transits. I just had this impulsive need to buy one. Maybe those transits are to blame. I love mini-transits, you quickly see an event unfold, but it seemed to have kicked off the major transit, too.

Anyway, back to astrology.