Quick Update: Feeling Fragile

Eventually, I will delete these little updates. Usually, I am off for the weekend but I will do a synastry post today and tomorrow. Yesterday I was supposed to post but then the transiting Sun in Pisces crossed my Moon-Mercury in Pisces which squares Neptune and I fell into the saddest, feel sorry for myself mood, and genuinely just feeling out of sorts. My skin has been going through a funny phase, too. People haven’t been nice for a long time, well, mostly women. It might be the Pluto transit over my Venus for those nasty females.

I am trying to not really care what others think. It’s a big lesson for someone with Saturn rising opposite the Sun. Sometime’s I’ve even tried to hide, head down, dressed down, and try to not offend anyone. That’s not the answer. It’s the worst thing to do. I have this other website which I sometimes update on weekends when in the mood. I just basically find the best advice on life to read when I need it. These ones are useful at the moment – one, two, three, four, five, six. I am choosing to take the high road but I think you just need a good cry to get it all out of your system and reboot. It wasn’t all a totally horrible, big, watery, emotional transit, and it released a lot of feelings inside. I am too sensitive for my good, I need more Arian balls or Uranus’ finger in the air or Scorpio’s guts. Basically a chart transplant.