I thought I would revamp the place with a new template. The same colours as the last one, but it looks fresher for now. On Netflix, they always change the cover pictures on the app of tv shows and movies. It must be to make the content look new and fresh daily. It is probably an idea they came up with in a boardroom marketing meeting on how they can make their tv streaming service look updated constantly. I’ve also noticed that when I have changed a picture for a post it looks all new again, even the content feels a little different. Or maybe that’s going too far. For first time visitors, everything on here is sparkly and brand new. For older eyes, things can look more tired unless things are freshened up from time to time. The popular posts could do with picture refreshes on the sidebar to make it look like its always current, even if it’s not if that makes sense.

At the moment I can’t access my 10,000 plus saved pictures because my host just keeps taking me back to Facebook. But when things are back on again I do think that keeping things looking fresh keeps the site from looking the same every day. I know new posts do the same thing, but I need a kind of overall look. I know some people think that the same template and the same pictures day in and day out are best for portraying reliability and predictability. Posting daily usually shows that anyway, and the internet is supposed to keep things fresher.  Though, some people do get annoyed if I change my template a lot, which I have calmed down. However, I can’t see the problem with the pictures. I will have to edit the picture titles in my media library and title them with the proper keywords so that they can be changed with ease. Some pictures you’ll prefer over others, but I like the idea of changing the images over for a time. I just wish that there was an automated system. I can’t change images every single or other day like Netflix. Over the weeks, however, it is possible to refreshen the look. I might hate it or love it. For a site like this, I think it would work well. Although I could end up paying for extra picture space for the website with so many uploaded images. But it should be okay, I think.

All the best, astroplace.

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