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By | September 22, 2019

The trine article went from about 500 words to just over 1000. It neatly describes most of what you need to know about this rather nice aspect.

A small update on this next article. Some unnecessary text deleted. I still think this kind of needs something more. I think the first article on “the powerful man” is the better one. This one supplements it with another very similar example, and that’s probably why I made Part 2. You have to watch the Youtube vid in the first part for the other example. I don’t know, it just needs something else. Hopefully that ‘something’ will come along.

I found out that I had a lot of Sun-Neptune posts when I searched for this! A lot more than I thought. This post was probably more inspired by the picture. And this article just drifts on and on and on with no point haha! Well, maybe that is the point. It has a harsh message at the end, which is actually delivered by Liz Greene. Short but to the point. You could probably just skip to that part ;-P

At one time you couldn’t find much on unaspected planets but now astrologers can’t shut up about them! Maybe the information was there all along, and you just needed me to look for it 😉 . I’ll admit, it is really quote-y but I think it is very helpful. My son has his Sun unaspected in Scorpio in the 12th house. I think Howard Sasportas would have said that this is like having no Sun at all. I shall see how that plays out. My son is such a great character and wonderful soul.

You might love your hard aspects a bit more after reading this article or at least understand why they are so difficult.