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In 2020 I will start incorporating other ways to enjoy your astrology. I am looking into hiring some voice over readers for downloadable audio. I will test some of them out. Prices will vary on the amount of content recorded. I am not sure if you would prefer a male or female voice or varied voices. I’ll see what sounds best for the topic. There is a kindle option to look into. I’ll check other ways. But the audible one is my favorite as it brings content to life especially with a decent speaker and professional studio. I am still thinking of how to group the subjects for audible. It will be something different, and I guess we live in a media age where there are more ways to present content.

You would think I’d get with the program. Maybe my Sun-Saturn is an old artifact, stuck in the mud, and too scared to take risks. Yet I have Uranus in the 3rd house trine Mercury, Moon trine Uranus, Mars in Aquarius 6th house, and Jupiter in the 11th house trine Uranus, so I think all of that keeps me damn progressive. My dream is to be the astrology content queen, and eventually, most of the mainstream astrology content will be covered. I will feel like I have achieved something if I get it all done and everywhere properly edited. I am feeling 2020 vibes already…haha! It’s all an idea at the moment and I don’t how it will work out in reality (doubt setting in again). Anyway, I will do my best to move The Astrology Place into what’s current at the moment.

I only like to cover evergreen topics on here. I mean, look how well I have aged for over 10 years of astrology blogging (not me, the website – okay I am looking good, too). Any topic can be read at any time and be relevant. Even my daily transit interpretations on here are for long term purposes of the reader actually following their own personal transits every single year – until they die – on a day-to-day basis. So, one just needs to be a little astro-savvy and know where the planets are at any given moment and see if they are hitting their natal planets. I am writing this while transiting Mercury is on my M.C, so I just thought that was kind of spooky, especially for Halloween.2

That is all. Public announcement over.

  1. I only looked at my transits after researching different communication formats for this astrology website and I decided to tell you all about – like it is some public announcement. 1Then it will be 2030 and there is no audible on blog haha! We will all blame Mercury for talking the talk and the blarney