Site Back up

I had problems with the site and had to pay over a hundred pounds to restore it over the weekend. I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. The tech help has rewound back to the 29th of December, so I think the Cancer post and the Grand Square post was lost. I am glad my last updates were not lost because I don’t have those notes anymore. I still have Cancer in my google docs and the two notes on the grand square and that’s combined with other bits and pieces off the website because I wanted the main page for that configuration for future updates. I will redo those tomorrow and then I can return to normal blogging.

Not the best start to the New Year. I will have to learn to love the admin part of running the site and make that an equal priority. It is funny I was reading about Virgo and about this woman who would be very meticulous and would put people’s minds at ease by finishing each job and then saying ‘everything is in order.’ It’s the most calming balm ever. The website problem is all my fault and I take full responsibility. It can’t always be fully avoided but sometimes it can, like this one. I was super stressed and thinking that I’d lost 11 years of website stuff. It really has made me realize not to take things for granted.

The kids are back to school tomorrow and so it is all back into full swing again. I hope you all had a good holiday. I am kind of thinking I got a major slapping on the wrist with Saturn harsh lessons since we do have a load of Capricorn planets in the sky at the moment – like 7 of them. Maybe you have had some hard lessons in responsibility and management and learning to handle your business better. I’ve been told off and then shown consequences for my neglect. Maybe some of you have you have been rewarded for hard work under this period as it can also give major long-term gifts. I am just glad things are back to normal.