Moon Landing

  Apollo 11 was the fifth mission of the Apollo Project and the third to take humans to the Moon. The spaceflight was launched on July 16, 1969, and it culminated in Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin walking on the Moon. The resounding success of the mission was heightened by[…]

Mars-Neptune Transit

Mars-Neptune transit (Hard Aspects – conjunction, square, and opposition). The run down- – You may feel your strength, willpower and assertiveness diminishing. – Your personal identity becomes confusing and the ego disintegrates. – The fantasy life is heightened. – The body becomes vulnerable to infections, illness and anything toxic. – Projects can fail now. –[…]

The Cancer Man

Cancer is the first sign of feeling, it rules the family, home, past and memory. The strongest urge for Cancer is security and “familiar” territory. It’s likely the Cancer man would present a tough, strong exterior, but underneath he is touchy, sensitive, tender and is ruled by the Moon. The Cancer man is dominated by the ebb and[…]

Multiple Personalty Disorder

Christine Sizemore is an American Schizophrenic who has been diagnosed with 22 personalities. The personalities had various names: the blind lady, the virgin, the banana split girl and the mute. Through deep therapeutic work, eventually, all of these personalities were integrated into one. The cause of the splitting was due to traumatic events in her[…]

Uranus Transits: 3rd House

When Uranus transits the 3rd house, it excites the mind and frequently brings on different learning experiences. Wanting to gain knowledge of occult subjects may be favoured right now: astrology, divination, tarot, etc. Alternatively, it can also indicate an interest in science and technology. The Uranian field rules over experimentation, advancement, mathematics and the intelligent[…]