Sun in the 1st House

Any person with Sun in the 1st house strives towards inner authenticity and they should never submerge their individuality to please others. This placement suggests there is a strong determination to choose one’s own course in life, and the energy of the Sun needs to radiate out of the personality. Others tend to follow their […]

Sun in 2nd House

A person with the Sun in the 2nd house of the horoscope feels fulfilled in life through producing something of lasting value. The second house describes our attitude to money, possessions, and sense of security. Furthermore, it represents inner resources and self-worth. The second house is fixed and ruled by the earth element, this part […]

Sun in the 3rd House

A person with the Sun in the 3rd house shines in learning environments. A sense of purpose and destiny involves writing, communication or social interchange; the central theme of development will be in the cultivation of the intellect. The individual is longing for movement both in the physical and mental sense of the word and usually, […]

Sun in the 4th House

A person with Sun in the 4th house is focused on the development of their early roots, which include immediate family, heritage and ancestral background. This sphere of life describes the emotional undercurrents and hidden factors that shape our conscious personality. The family background, therefore, affects individual confidence and identity, so it is important for those […]

Sun in 6th House

A person with Sun in the 6th house will express their identity through work, health, service and day-to-day routine. The organisation of life and domestic spheres are usually important and regular routines and daily order. Their paths towards self- realization lies in the rituals and rhythms of the world of earth – including the use […]