Pluto: The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships – by Jeff Green

The Souls Evolution through Relationships is a highly fascinating book, and it contains many revelations and interesting concepts. Those familiar with Jeff Greens work will know he is an evolutionary astrologer. If you are not sure what this means, here are the seven laws to follow to be a practitioner in the kind of astrology which is based […]

Astrology Game

I have a zodiac game called Star Counters, and it comes with two boxes of astrological questions and a nice decorative astrological board to play on. The objective is to travel around the zodiac and collect star crystals. The star crystals relate to the four elements, and you can go back home if you win. The […]

sun in 12th house

Sun in the 12th House

A person with the Sun in the 12th house has a deep receptivity to the sensitive and watery world of collective dreams, longings, and yearnings. The creative urge to be an individual is colored by the larger collective, and he or she will only find real fulfillment by journeying into the unseen and invisible dimensions […]

Fire Grand Trine: Raw Optimism

Next we have a Scientist called Dr Richard L. Garwin he has a Grand Fire Trine with Sun in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Leo. Rather than me bore you with the details and become too repetitive in these series of posts. I will quote some articles and higlight the words associated wih […]

The Grand Trine

A Grand Trine is a triangular aspect pattern involving three or more planets separated by an angle of 120 degrees each. The planets in the signs are in the same triplicity and due to the harmonious nature of the trine aspect, the planets cooperate in an easy flowing manner. According to traditional textbooks, this aspectual […]