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Astrology Basics

The Opposition

The opposition in astrology occurs when two planets are 180 degrees apart in the chart, and this puts them “opposite” each other. The opposition consists of the elements (Water and Earth or Air and Fire) that naturally feed each other; need one another on many levels. Depending on the chart balance and other factors, usually one planet is owned and …

Psychology Astrology

Jungian Psychology

Article by Noel Eastwood: When I read Stephen Arroyo’s Astrology, Karma and Transformation I immediately became hooked on psychological astrology. Here was an astrologer who understood an individual’s personal life problems by locating the conflicts in their natal chart. By knowing our client’s individual conflict or karmic lesson, astrologers can apply knowledge of psychology to guide them to freedom. Conflict …

Mercury Aspects Mundane Astrology

America: Mercury-Pluto

Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond by Liz Greene offers astrological views of different countries and world events through the translations of Nostradamus himself. Briefly explained is the chart of America in the book, and here is some of what the author wrote on the aspect of Mercury-Pluto in America’s natal chart. “According to Dane Rudyhars chart of America: Perhaps one of …

Astrology software and books

Steven Forrest/Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius in 3rd House The third house represents our communication and ability to express ourselves, short journeys, siblings, cousins, it is associated with early schooling and our attitude and relationship with knowledge itself as well as the environment in which we live and work. Any tools of communication such as the telephone also come under this house; it …

Astrology Research

The Astrology of Unusual Accidents

I thought it would be interesting to analyze the charts of people killed in the most unusual accidents. It involves different cases of accidental death from the self-inflicted gunshot to the accidental fire, and even electrocution. According to astrological observation and research, the signs most prone to accidents are in fact the mutable signs; these are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and …