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8th House Quotes: Jinxes, Hexes, Curses

Let’s take a peek into that deep, dark, mysterious world of the 8th house realm. Why are 8th house people subjected to a chain of tragedy? The cursed element is often felt throughout life, whether it’s their worst nightmare coming true, abandonment of all hope, or a nasty fate. It can be the things that have happened in the family that…...

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The 8th House Astrology: Occult, Magic and Secrets of the Unconscious

Apart from the 8th house in astrology being a place of grave robbers, escaped convicts, demons, vampires and wolfmen; the middle watery domain also rules hidden knowledge, opening the doors to many mysteries including – the self. The term esoteric implies knowledge of the select few and it is exactly where people with planets in this domain feel compelled towards.…

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8th House Relationships: The Shit We Remember

The seventh house in our horoscope corresponds to relationships and describes our one-to-one partnerships, both personal and business. At the heart of this public house lies the agreeable side of relating displaying a more flattering, and perfect face. With Planets in this part of the chart we usually give them away to others, and it is also referred to as…

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The 8th House Astrology: The Shadow Side of Human Beings

The 8th house in astrology deals with the aspect of self-confrontation and often involves a method of self-investigation and deep analysis. It is the place where we hold up a “psychological mirror.” The process of analysis involves the need to ‘dig up the old stuff’. Commonly the 8th house rules over psychology, and those with Pluto heavily aspected, Scorpio and/or 8th house…

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Full Moon in 8th House

When the Full Moon is in the 8th house, then it often represents an emotionally heavy period for any individual, and this is not always a comfortable experience. Around this time our personal world is intensified and it can be a frightening time when a trauma/crisis/emergency is looming in the background. In Astrology, the 8th house rules birth- life-and-death issues,…

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