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The Astrological Ages

The Earth takes about 25,000 years to move in retrograde motion, through the 12 constellations, and it spends roughly around 2,000 years to travel through each zodiacal sign, and these periods are known as the astrological “ages”. Time itself is divided, and the dates are generalized and each sign varies in size and so we cannot know the precise date when one age gives way …

Aries Mars Psychology Astrology

Aries/Mars Famous Temper

Aries is labelled for having one of the worst tempers in the zodiacal circle. The symbol for Aries is interpreted as being the horns and nose of the male sheep; the battering ram. According to Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology Aries was given as a sign prone to bad tempers and then also going to great lengths. Taurus was labelled not easily moved, but furious when …


Aries Traits: Life Purpose

The Sun in the chart symbolizes what we are striving for in life, and it also shows what task we face and the struggles we have to overcome. The purpose of our life is shown by the sign, house placement and aspects to the Sun. Many Indians believe that the source created a diversity of life forms, including human identities to enjoy a variety of …

Aries Songs of the Zodiac

Songs of the Zodiac: Aries

Aries is independence, assertiveness and motivation. The Ram’s self-determining nature needs to be free of restraints, and the symbol symbolizes the need within us all to realize our own individuality. The need here is to look to the future and never be held back by past conditioning. The month of April means “to open”. It may refer to the flowering process, the beginning of the …

Aries Sun sign astrology

Sun in Aries

The Sun in Aries takes its name from the Greek God of War. Aries people are combative, independent and headstrong, and like the other fire signs, are driven to realize their own individuality. They look to the future and move forward in life, rarely looking back. Being the first sign of spring, the symbol of new beginnings, Aries is associated with the awakening energy which …