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House Emphasis: Water Houses

If there’s an emphasis of planets in the Water Houses, you know that you’re a person who is very much

12th house Transits: Working Problems Out

When we have 12th house transits it can mainly speak of effects on the subconscious mind, psychological growth, and bringing

8th House Experiences

Planets in the 8th house come from shadowy realms of existence. Hence, you need to be armed with some psychological

The 12th House: Waters of Creativity

Question: What is the creativity of the twelfth house all about? This kind of creativity extends far and deep. It

The 12th House: The Undersea

Question: I want to state one of my experiences because personally, I wasn’t very happy when I found out that

Haunted 1 (Mostly 8th House Stuff)

Shirley Jackson was an American Gothic novelist, known as the “Virginia Werewolf of séance fiction,” a prolific and disciplined writer

The Third House Quotes

This is a full and busy house because it concerns a multitude of factors. Primarily, this is the house of

The 2nd House Quotes

The second house’s keywords are MATERIAL SECURITY. These words aptly describe the relationship of this house to money, earnings, possessions,

10th House Quotes

The association of the 10th house with the mother or father is also important, although less frequently stressed, particularly in

The 6th House: Everyday Life

Question: Do you have any substantial information on the meaning of the 6th house? This seems to be such a