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Euphemisms, Doubletalk and 8th House Taboos

Euphemisms and double-talk would appear to be somewhat Mercurial and Gemini in nature. The quote in the introduction of the book: A Dictionary of Euphemisms and Other Doubletalk could easily fit the sign of the twins: “The tongue of a man is a twisty thing, there are plenty of words there of every kind, the range of words is wide, …

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Astrology and Synastry: The Rock

I fell in love with this picture above showing the longevity of the partnership. I know you all wonder what the astrology glue is that holds a couple together. It could be shared responsibility and property and children, and then we usually look to Saturn. Saturn represents time, stability, and making a commitment so a strong connection involving Saturn and …

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Pluto’s Persephone: Collecting Pretty Girls

In myth, Hades/Pluto raped Persephone, the na├»ve maiden picking flowers, but it was through this painful encounter that she awakened as a woman. Persephone has grown, matured, and been reborn as the queen of the underworld. On her return, she comes back a deepened and darker self and has rebuilt her life. The womanly transition is remarkable along with fierce …