Dinner Party for Astrologers

If you had a dinner party for three astrologers who would you invite? Okay, here is a dream dinner with Liz Greene, Charles Carter, and Dane Rudhyar. Two astrologers aren’t alive anymore (Carter and Rudhyar). Because they are dead. The other (Greene) hasn’t published anything about astrology in about a decade. It will be nice …

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Transits: Changing Fortunes – Pop Quiz

After looking back through old posts and coming across one about the transits/ significant changes in a person’s life and thinking more about the ten to twenty major events that occur in an individual’s lifespan. I decided to look more at our changing lives and fortunes. Jupiter and Pluto have a lot to say about our … Read more Transits: Changing Fortunes – Pop Quiz

Star Counters

Here are some fun scenarios for the different star signs, the questions are from the astrology game, Star Encounters. What might send ripples of fear down his/her spine? Aries Falling at the final hurdle in the big race Taurus Not having enough money to pay the mortgage Gemini Being trapped into marriage Cancer The thought … Read more Star Counters