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I was introduced to my horoscope through Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit. I received the astro-pack from my parents. It was easy Read More

The Astrological Alphabet is a system developed by Zip Dobyns, who is the author of several astrology books. The main Read More

Astrology and a Packet of Garden Seeds The natal chart is basically a map of potential. Like the picture on Read More

I have all of Liz Greene’s books and always look forward to reading all her work. Most of her books Read More

I found this book an interesting and enjoyable read (click to view). I particularly like the way the author connects Read More

Saturn a New Look at an Old Devil, written by Liz Greene, and published in 1976. It firmly remains the Read More

Astrology, Karma and Transformation by Stephen Arroyo was published in 1978. The premise of this work is to help the reader Read More

How to be a Great Astrologer, (the planetary aspects explained) is written by James Braha, published in 1992. He is the Read More

Aspects in Astrology is written by Sue Tompkins, and it was first published in 1989. The book is a guide Read More

Astrology For Lovers by Liz Greene, first published in 1986. Astrology for Lovers, is one of the best books on Read More