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Part and parcel of the urge to take on responsibility – and the most obvious Capricornian characteristic, in particular when...

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The Earth signs in astrology rule over the element we know best, since it is our physical home. In one...

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Question: Do Capricorns get scared? Capricorn rules the highest point of the horoscope, and this ancient symbol represents the rock-solid Read More

1. The real downer to being a Capricorn is that you are ruled by Saturn/Chronus. It’s not a major bummer Read More

Scientists tell us that billions of years ago there was a huge explosion of matter, a “Big Bang” and our Read More

Cardinal signs are motivators, dynamic and aspiring The Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are infused with a substantial Read More

I noticed on the Urban Dictionary there were some funny descriptions of the twelve zodiac signs and some interesting and Read More

Capricorn often displays an attitude as old as the world. The World is given, as a matter of fact, to Read More

I noticed many people post Halloween posts early, so here is mine super early! Aries   “There is no living Read More

  The southern signs in astrology are also referred to as austral or meridonal signs, are so called because they Read More