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Mercury-Neptune Synastry

When Mercury aspects Neptune in synastry, it gives telepathic understanding, with a rich flow of ideas and creative inspiration. It

Mercury-Uranus Synastry

With Mercury in aspect to Uranus in synastry, there is a lively, electric, exciting mental exchange. Martin Schulman says that

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part One

What cannot be emphasized too strongly in an astrological analysis of our parents is that the chart shows how we,

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part Three

Venus in the fourth house: Usually this position is indicative of harmonious and satisfactory conditions in the home and brings

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part Two

With Leo, potency in the world outside may not be that important. Obviously we have some glaring historical exceptions, such

Mercury-Venus Synastry

With Mercury in aspect to Venus, the couple display nice harmony in their communication. Both like to keep things peaceable

Mercury-Mercury Synastry

With Mercury in aspect to Mercury in synastry, it describes the style of communicating with a couple. When the connection

Moon-Pluto Synastry

With the Moon in aspect to Pluto in synastry, it describes feelings of compelling intensity. The Moon is magnetically attracted

Moon-Neptune Synastry

With the Moon aspecting Neptune in synastry, there can be a powerful sense that you both belong together. With emotional

Moon-Jupiter Synastry

A man who is Jupiter can charm the Moon woman instantly, and she may want to be around him because