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Moon-Mars Synastry

With Moon-Mars in synastry, it describes mutual feelings of excitement and enthusiasm, but there is also a tendency for both

Moon/Venus Synastry

With the Moon in aspect to Venus in synastry, it makes things nice, sweet and caring in this interaction. There

Saturn in the 5th House: Dating Anxiety

Question: Does Saturn in the 5th house deny love and romance because these individuals are unable to just relax when

Moon-Mercury Synastry

When the Moon aspects Mercury in synastry, it describes a mentally stimulating interchange. It encourages lively conversation, travel, and the

Sun-Pluto Synastry

With the Sun in aspect to Pluto in synastry, it could create some volatility in the relationship. It definitely brings

Venus-Pluto: Love Affairs

Question: Do Venus-Pluto people have affairs? Venus-Pluto types are not emotionally shallow and fickle. By nature they attach very deeply

Sun-Neptune Synastry

With the Sun and Neptune in synastry, while there is mutual empathy, sympathy and idealization, the couple can put impossible

Sun-Jupiter Synastry

With the Sun and Jupiter in synastry, it can create positive energy between two individuals. It fills this interaction with

Jupiter in the 7th House: Serial Relationships

Question: I have Jupiter in the 7th house. There’s been a lot of very long-term relationships. Engaged to marry twice,

Synastry: Sun-Mars

With the Sun in aspect to Mars in synastry, this interaction is full of energy, activity, and sexy feelings. No