Category: Jupiter in Houses

Jupiter in the 7th House: Serial Relationships

Question: I have Jupiter in the 7th house. There’s been a lot of very long-term relationships. Engaged to marry twice,

Neptune in the 9th House: The Non-Believer?

Question: I consider Neptune in the 9th house to be a very open-minded, expansive, almost spiritual position in a chart.

Does Jupiter in the 5th House Signify Lots of Kids?

Wherever Jupiter is placed things may be experienced to excess. A woman with this placement had no kids and was

Jupiter in the 2nd House: Hey, Big Spender!

Question: Does Jupiter in the 2nd house spend too much money? Jupiter is the bigger and better planet and so

Jupiter in the 7th House: Rich Relationships

With Jupiter in the 7th house, you may be seeking enhancement of your life through new relationships, especially intellectually stimulating

Jupiter in Pisces

With Jupiter in Pisces‘ great visionary abilities and, too, compassion and generosity combined, there’s enthusiasm for public welfare. Hence, growth

Jupiter in Libra

Let’s get something straight first, Libra isn’t just about ballerina pirouettes across center stage and has as much to do

Jupiter in Taurus

For those with Jupiter in Taurus,┬átrust is, ultimately, found in what’s valuable and tangible. The urge for expansion, since Jupiter

Jupiter in Cancer

Anyone with Jupiter in Cancer sees life as a tight kinship of people bound together by ties of deep compassion

Jupiter in the 9th House: The Global Mind

Jupiter in the 9th house shows high potential for considerable intellectual development. The whole world is your classroom and boundaries