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Jupiter Transits Mars

When transiting Jupiter aspects Mars, it is often a time of adventuring, increased energy, boldness, and activity. Under beneficial aspects,

Jupiter Transits: When an Aspect Is Magnified

In 1966, a twenty-four-year-old sailor named Richard Speck committed one of the most shocking crimes in American history. Intruding into

Jupiter Transits Venus

When under this transit of Jupiter to Venus, there are no limits to your generous soul, and you simply love

Jupiter Transits Mercury

When Jupiter transits Mercury, you take on a new mental optimism, and it’s a time where you seem to make

Transiting Jupiter Aspects the Moon

When transiting Jupiter aspects the Moon, there is the need to feel hugely comfortable, happy, safe, and protected.  Hence, it

Jupiter Transits: Go for It!

Congratulations my friend, Jupiter is here. Embrace it. Savor it, and inhale deeply the musk of your impending good fortune.

Transiting Jupiter Trines: This is the Year of Favor!

Justin Bieber has confirmed his engagement to Hailey Baldwin. And it has happened under his Jupiter Return, which kicks off his

Jupiter Transits the 12th House

When Jupiter transits the 12th house, it’s highly likely that we’ll expand our perspective and favor the subconscious, intuitive, and

Jupiter Transits the 11th House

When Jupiter transits the 11th house, we feel the urge to fulfill important goals in regards to our ideals. Many

Jupiter Transits the 10th House

When Jupiter transits the 10th house, we gain in status, reputation, and fame. It could be a time where we