Category: Jupiter Transits

Jupiter Transits the 9th House

With transiting Jupiter in the 9th house, we expand our boundaries by exploring different ways of life and broadening our

Jupiter Transits the 8th House

When transiting Jupiter is in the 8th house of the chart, we may experience a heightened sense of psychic powers

Jupiter Transits the 7th House

When transiting Jupiter is in the 7th house, we have the opportunity for more enjoyment and socializing and greater gains

Jupiter Transits the 6th House

When Jupiter transits the 6th house, a sense of purpose provides a framework for all that we do, whether it

Jupiter Transits the 5th House

Jupiter transiting through the 5th house encourages us to enjoy our journey, have some laughs, and to not be afraid

Jupiter Transits the 4th House

When transiting Jupiter moves through the 4th house, domestic life can take a turn for the better. We give attention

Jupiter Transits the 3rd House

When Jupiter transits a house it tends to enlarge, free up the expression, and boosts all of the activities within

Jupiter Transits the 2nd House

A simple reading of Jupiter moving through the traditional house of money suggests prosperity. Often that’s an accurate prediction, provided

Jupiter Transits 1st House

This is perhaps the most important house of the horoscope, for it is the ‘self-image’ that we present to the

Transiting Jupiter Trine Sun: 2 Good to be True?

Question: Is the Jupiter trine Sun transit the luckiest to have in your chart? Well, not necessarily, for Jupiter can