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Mars Aspects

Mars Trine Pluto

An individual with Mars trine Pluto expresses their will and power effortlessly, and it is one of the aspects in the natal chart that is able to express raw power.  Mars acts on Pluto’s evolutionary drive for healing, transformation and re-building. The individual easily expresses their desires, passions and wants and has the ability to transform those energies. Mars trine …

Mars Aspects

Mars-Pluto Aspects

Those with Mars conjunct, square or opposite Pluto have an insatiable amount of drive, energy, and enormous willpower. They have an almost inexhaustible tap of strength and vitality if they choose to use it. The person sometimes gives an irresistible pull and compels others by being so secretive, fascinating and intense. The violent emotions hidden underneath sometimes act through partners, …

Mars Aspects

Mars-Saturn Aspects

An individual with Mars conjunct, square or opposite Saturn usually faces an enormous amount of hard-work, frustration, and limitation. Sometimes it’s an aspect featured in the charts of those that do heavy manual work, overcome challenges, and the wheel of Karma tends to deal them something that requires a test of strength. It is certainly not a marker of being …

Crime Astrology Mars Aspects

The Astrology of Child Abuse and Murder: Observing Mars-Pluto in Aspect

This is a difficult subject to tackle, and Astrology will never show evidence in a natal chart for child cruelty, and so there always needs to be some element of caution before moving on. We can’t go and assume that everybody with Mars-Pluto in aspect will experience abuse. However, in the few cases of severe child abuse and murder in …

Mars Aspects Uranus

The Big Bang Theory

Uranus people are more prone to electrical items acting strangely. The Uranian electrical energy is interesting: Audience: Since we are on the subject of the supernatural, could complexes have anything to do with poltergeist activity. Liz:That is another area in which the psychoid nature of complexes may be evident. The energy of the complex is operating independent of the individuals …

Mars Aspects

Mars Trine Uranus

A Mars trine Uranus individual possesses an independent spirit and they usually like to do things their own way. Mars-Uranus aspects indicate a quick excitability with a blending of assertiveness, intuition, progressiveness, and inventiveness. They possess daring leadership skills and are assertive and aggressive in a pioneering way. Sometimes the individual also attains engineering or mechanical skills. Carter describes this contact …