Mars in Aquarius: What Are You Like?

Question: Mars in Aquarius, what are they like? It can represent a very awakened person to the larger needs of society, fighting for the community and arguing about the deep differences—in language, class, education, race, and gender. Even in a timid person, there’s often a push towards revolutionizing a sphere of life. More strongly it …

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Mars in Gemini

An individual with Mars in Gemini has great mental activity, a strong mind, and dazzling fast energy. The intellect is highly stimulated and there is a strong versatility in the personality. Archetypally this placement is akin to the youthful athletic, and movement physically and mentally is essential. The warlord of the words uses the mind …

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Mars in Taurus

An individual with Mars in Taurus has strength, practical resources, and physical energies. Once he/she achieves their desires they’re enduring. Mars here is stable, but can lack flexibility and has a strong stubborn streak. Moreover, the types will express their will and desires in a determined way. Stephen Arroyo said that a Mars in Taurus … Read more Mars in Taurus

Mars in Scorpio

Those with Mars in Scorpio express their personal desires in intense, serious, and dramatic ways. When their energy is totally invested into something, there is a great intensity and passion in their actions. Extremely self-determined and focused on their goals, they may find themselves tearing things down so that they can rebuild them. Mars is … Read more Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Cancer

An individual with Mars in Cancer has great emotional energies and are motivated by security, domestic and feeling needs. Energy levels are usually cyclic and highly influenced by their moods. Any person born with this placement expresses their personal desires in a gentle, subtle and sensitive way. Mars in Cancer works best in an environment … Read more Mars in Cancer

Mars in Pisces

A Mars in Pisces individual expresses their energy, will, and desires in gentle, dreamy and unconscious ways. The physical energy of Mars in water is sensitive and strongly influenced by the emotional atmosphere of the environment. The type finds it hard to define personal aspirations or assert personal needs, and their energy is unifying and … Read more Mars in Pisces

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo expresses itself with strength of purpose, magnetism and vitality. The individual’s energies are confident, exuberant and dramatic, and their strengths include leadership ability, and strong willpower. Whatever these people do they like to put their own personal style onto it, and they see themselves as a natural leader, and others believe strongly … Read more Mars in Leo

Mars in Libra

Those with Mars in Libra channel their energies into socializing, diplomacy and mediating. The strengths include fairness and the ability to compromise, and cooperativeness. The difficulty lies in an inability to be decisive and independent, but this is only because of a strong sense of fairness. Sometimes they behave in ways they think others want … Read more Mars in Libra

Mars in Sagittarius

Those born with Mars in Sagittarius express their will and desire in an enthusiastic and impulsive way. Mars in Sagittarius tends to be direct about everything. However, their many interests and projects, tend to flow into different areas, and difficulties may be experienced in situations that require discipline, patience, and attention to the practical details. … Read more Mars in Sagittarius