Category: Mercury Aspects

Mercury-Uranus: Unusual Understanding

Question: I have Uranus square Mercury and mostly find people have a hard time keeping up with what I’m thinking/saying.

Mercury in Scorpio/8th/Aspects Pluto: Being Painfully Aware

Stuck thoughts. Painful ruminations. Unrelenting obsessions. They are the curse of your existence. It’s like an evil witch has cast

Mercury-Neptune: The Dark Side

Much like a fish in water, you live in a sea of imagination, so much so that there may be

Mercury-Mars: How to Reason and Argue

Question: Mercury-Mars people are always arguing and rudely interrupting the conversation with their take on things. Life is WAY too

Mercury-Pluto: Destructive Criticism

With Mercury in aspect to Pluto, you may experience a few bouts of destructive  criticism . Destructive criticism could be

Mercury-Jupiter: Do You Have To Exaggerate?

Question: Mercury-Jupiter gives one a tendency to exaggerate the truth. Not to lie, but simply to exaggerate the truth. Any

Mercury-Mars: Argue with Yourself!

Question: I have Mercury square Mars and I’m SUPER argumentative. I LOOOOVVVVVE a good argument. Any thoughts? You love to

Mercury-Pluto: A Moment of Hate

In One Step Beyond, a paranormal suspense programme in the late 1950’s focused on supernatural events, there’s an episode called

Mercury-Pluto Keywords: The Talking Dead

As I fully acquaint you with the nature of these disturbed characters (just kidding) I will do it by using

Mercury-Uranus: Wake Up, Girl!

The individual is able to travel mentally outside the known realm and think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. Uranus being so “outside