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Mercury-Jupiter: The Idea Gallops Ahead

Jean Cocteau, French artist, poet, novelist, critic, playwright, painter, and illustrator, wrote in his book: “The idea gallops ahead. When it stops and looks back, it sees me flagging behind.” The author had Mercury opposite Jupiter. This contact, of course, indicates horsing around since Jupiter rules the centaur sign of Sagittarius. Moreover, Mercury represents all… Read More »

Mercury-Neptune Aspects: A Sadness Around Communication

An individual with Mercury in aspect to Neptune possesses the ability to integrate the conscious and the unconscious sides of the mind. The verbal communication can reveal psychic connections and the ability to “tune in” to others thoughts. This is, of course, done on the subliminal level, but it usually gives the individual amazing imaginative… Read More »

Trauma: Mercury-Pluto Aspects

A Mercury-Pluto individual could have a mental wound and may have suffered mental abuse, name-calling, verbal threats, and derogatory comments. Much of this could have been buried deep and moves along on an undercurrent even when it appears that the mind is sailing on the surface of glibful conversations. The mind is intense and focused… Read More »

Mercury-Pluto Aspects: Unearthing the Truth

Those with Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Pluto have a horror of tepid thinking and their way of searching for ‘truths’ is to examine concepts similar to the lifting up of a stone, and turning it around to see what may be lurking underneath. The interest is in what lays below, in the nether depth… Read More »

Mercury-Pluto: Only the Paranoid Survive

Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Pluto probes the depths intellectually of any situation. The person is often talented at uncovering information and is highly skilled as an undercover detective, occult specialist, and psychology expert. It can reflect a mind closely attuned to our instinct for survival with an endless desire to know. Knowledge is power and… Read More »

Mercury-Jupiter #knowitall

I looked up the chart of the man called the “know-it-all” on his quest to become the smartest person in the world. His name is A.J Jacobs and I have been reading his book The Know it All. It recounts his experience of reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica; all 32 volumes of the 2002 edition, extending… Read More »

Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Jupiter

Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Jupiter shows an enthusiastic mind, that has a large appetite for knowledge. It can sometimes reflect a restless mentality with quite a voracious consumption for books. According to Sue Tompkins, these people can sometimes be found “embarking on 50 major studies at one time. “Well, maybe not fifty, but a… Read More »

Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Uranus

Mercury conjunct, square, or opposite Uranus is usually attracted to learning new things but it must be mentally stimulating and knowledge should only be used for the purpose of enlightening. Information tends to excite the individual and their mind changes rather excitedly; there can, though, be difficulty staying with one thing. The world of information is… Read More »

Mercury Conjunct, square, Opposite Saturn

An individual with Mercury, conjunct, square or opposite Saturn is serious in thought, deeply contemplative, and pondering. An aptitude for maths, science, research, politics, education, editing, teaching, or lecturing is usually in evidence. In later years, they may become a voice of authority in some area of knowledge and this could involve any of these branches:… Read More »

Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

The Mercury-Pluto individual is keenly perceptive and what they say is often mesmeric, absorbing, and truly compelling. Sooner or later, they will come to acknowledge that underneath, as it will be discovered, there are latent talents and abilities in need of developing in areas connected to writing, teaching, perhaps excelling in languages and speaking, all… Read More »