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Mercury Aspects

Mercury Conjunct, square, Opposite Saturn

An individual with Mercury, conjunct, square or opposite Saturn is serious in thought, deeply contemplative, and pondering. An aptitude for maths, science, research, politics, education, editing, teaching, or lecturing is usually in evidence. In later years, they may become a voice of authority in some area of knowledge and this could involve any of these branches: writing, learning and communicating. As …

Mercury Aspects

Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

The Mercury-Pluto individual is keenly perceptive and what they say is often mesmeric, absorbing, and truly compelling. Sooner or later, they will come to acknowledge that underneath, as it will be discovered, there are latent talents and abilities in need of developing in areas connected to writing, teaching, perhaps excelling in languages and speaking, all of which require greater execution …

Astrology Basics Mercury Aspects Mercury Signs

Mute Signs: Including Other Speech and Communication Difficulties

Older astrological textbooks use the term: Mute or even dumb to describe the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). It is believed that when Mercury is afflicted in one of these signs, it results in quietness, difficulty in speaking, or even speech impediment. The designation mute was probably given because these watery creatures are “mute” by nature. The signs are …

Mercury Aspects

Mercury Trine Uranus

Mercury trine Uranus has a humanitarian, independent and free-thinking mind. The individual likes to put their mental energy into progressive spheres, which they believe will make a positive contribution to human development. This could include scientific work, astrology, or computers. Above all, they believe knowledge should improve the quality of life for others. The Mercury-Uranus person arrives quickly at their viewpoints …

Mercury Aspects Mundane Astrology

America: Mercury-Pluto

Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond by Liz Greene offers astrological views of different countries and world events through the translations of Nostradamus himself. Briefly explained is the chart of America in the book, and here is some of what the author wrote on the aspect of Mercury-Pluto in America’s natal chart. “According to Dane Rudyhars chart of America: Perhaps one of …