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Moon Aspects

Moon-Saturn Aspects

Those with Moon conjunct, square or opposite Saturn often find they are tested on the emotional level. It can reflect feelings of being shut-out emotionally in early childhood.  Moon-Saturn reflects a strong sense of responsibility and a capacity to cope with considerable frustration. When it comes to expressing their feelings the individual can lack spontaneity, is fearful, filled with anxiety …

Moon Aspects

Moon Conjunct, Square, Opposite Pluto

The Moon in aspect to Pluto indicates that you’re engrossed in esoteric fields, the occult, mysteries and metaphysical subjects.┬áMoreover, you have an investigative, self-exploring nature, and there’s a need to peer deeply into all psychic realms. Understanding human beings at a deep level, you probe into the contents of others’ psyches, digging around and uncovering their hidden depths. When there …

Moon Aspects

Moon-Mercury Aspects

Those with Moon conjunct Mercury, Moon square Mercury or Moon Opposite Mercury┬ásuggests a connection between the mind and the unconscious part of the personality. The thinking and emotional facets of the self both combine and the mental perceptions of life, tends to be emotionally based. Whilst depending on the nature of the signs involved and element, one might expect a …

Moon Aspects

Moon-Neptune Aspects

The Sensitive Artist Those with the Moon-Neptune aspects possess an emotional sensitivity and vulnerability to others, and an especially powerful impressionable, sympathetic, and psychic empathy. Moon-Neptune has a powerful imagination and considerable artistic, creative gifts that need to be expressed. There is a refined sense of touch, colour, taste and sound, that find their way in the creative side of …

Moon Aspects

Moon Trine Venus

Those with the Moon trine Venus have an emotionally harmonious disposition; these people can be empathetic, loving, sweet natured, and passive. There is a well-developed sense of positivity and consideration for others. There are natural artistic abilities and they may excel at music, poetry, and drama. Anything that combines sensitivity, beauty, femininity and personal values are necessary to maintaining their …

Moon Aspects Psychology Astrology

Mother-Moon-Astrology: Scorpio Themes

Those with Moon-Pluto aspects in the chart, Moon in Scorpio or Moon in the 8th house, have great intensity of feeling, survival instincts and a need to merge emotionally with others. The relationship with the mother will be filled with emotional depth and powerful feelings surrounding this parent. A Scorpionic mother may have been emotionally demanding, over possessive, obsessive and …