Astrology of The Generations – Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra

People’s work ethics have been described by the generation they belong with and it also signifies the general tone of the times. As I read through the generations and observed the charts it strongly relates to Pluto. It is one of the fascinating planets in the chart and it sees human nature for what it … Read more Astrology of The Generations – Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra

Uranus in Aries: Water on Mars

The Martian revolution starts right now! Finally, a new space breakthrough as we have been waiting for something to happen and it has been confirmed there is liquid water on Mars. We astrologers have pretty much danced around different ideas and predictions indicating something breaking through in this Martian area, but never quite phrasing it as … Read more Uranus in Aries: Water on Mars

Neptune in Pisces Meaning

If everybody is wondering about Neptune in Pisces meaning, well, it has already been underway and, thus far, is proving to be something of a submerging, and even nebulous ride. The land of dreams is not always what it seems. In Astrology, Neptune rules idealism, altruism, self-sacrifice, empathy, kindness, compassion and fantasy. The boundless, azure … Read more Neptune in Pisces Meaning

The Astrology of Space Exploration

Here is a look at the astrology of the exploration of our universe. We generally associate space with the planet Uranus and the sign of Aquarius. The symbol of Aquarius is represented by wavy lines and signifies, progress, technology, science, robots, and cosmic things. Aquarius symbolizes the universal fount of knowledge and essentially represents the … Read more The Astrology of Space Exploration


The book Nostradamus by Peter Lorie and Astrologer Liz Greene is an interesting read and it was purchased out of curiosity. It contains a chapter of the Plan for America and contains some fascinating insights for this time period. Throughout the entirety of the readings, however, it is made clear that we can’t always successfully … Read more Nostradamus

The Astrology of Hurricanes and Uranus-Pluto Aspects

If you are wondering about the astrology of the current hurricanes, and other recent weather events I will be keeping pins for mundane astrology on my pinterest account. You will find astrology articles combined with news reports. It is a good tool for grabbing the latest headlines for the astrology of the moment. Uranus-Pluto – … Read more The Astrology of Hurricanes and Uranus-Pluto Aspects