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Nostradamus The Millenium & Beyond

Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond, Prophecies to 2016, is written by Peter Lorie and Liz Greene, first published in 1993. The book contains an Astrological preface that explains the astrology behind Nostradamus’ predictions. The opening paragraph says: “Prophecy is at the best of times a chancy business whether undertaken by a 20th century economist or a 16th century astrologer or …

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Moon Landing

  Apollo 11 was the fifth mission of the Apollo Project and the third to take humans to the Moon. The spaceflight was launched on July 16, 1969, and it culminated in Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin walking on the Moon. The resounding success of the mission was heightened by its fulfillment of President Kennedy’s …

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Uranus square Pluto

Here I talked about Uranus moving into Aries in this article Uranus in Aries Wake up Call. However there is a more descriptive article of this transit that I found completely enlightening. “2012 is approaching, and along with it are all the many predictions and implications surrounding 2012. What do we believe? What can we expect? Some say Armageddon is nigh. …

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Uranus in Aries: Wake Up Call

Uranus will begin its transit through Aries during 2010, and it will usher in new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. Uranus represents the collective mind, social and progressive movements. Here is Sue Tompkins thoughts on Uranus in Aries: This seems to mark fast moving periods of radical change with people seeking new sources of excitement. Stories involving speed, recklessness, independence, originality …

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America: Mercury-Pluto

Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond by Liz Greene offers astrological views of different countries and world events through the translations of Nostradamus himself. Briefly explained is the chart of America in the book, and here is some of what the author wrote on the aspect of Mercury-Pluto in America’s natal chart. “According to Dane Rudyhars chart of America: Perhaps one of …