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Neptune in the 8th House: Where’s My Money?

Neptune in the 8th house of shared resources can become extremely slippery, tricky, and murky indeed. As this area of

Neptune in the 7th House: Transforming Relationships

Question: Tragedy has struck; I found out Neptune is in my 7th house. At first, I sucked my teeth and

Neptune in the 7th House: The Disillusioned

This position can indicate a search for the prefect love, or the need to have “heaven on earth” from a

Neptune in the 11th House: The Disillusioned

Question: What kind of disillusionment is felt when Neptune is in the 11th house? With its placement in this final

Neptune Rising: Feeling Fooled?

Since this pivotal point in the chart represents how the person approaches others and how one attempts to place their

Neptune in the 12th House: Paradise Lost

Question: I need help interpreting Neptune in the 12th house. I find it all too confusing to simplify and the

Neptune in the 4th House: The Flooded Home

Question: How does it influence one’s life and personality? Neptune’s symbolism will find its expression in the home (ruled by

Neptune in the 2nd House: Money Problems

Question: Is there a potential for financial loss, suffering, and scandal for those with Neptune in the 2nd house? A

Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant: A Veil Baby

Question: I am in need of some personal insight (cookbook descriptions never seem to work for me) about this particular

Neptune in the 12th House: Mystical Eyes

Do you not think that there are things which you cannot understand, and yet which are; that some people see