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Lust in Space

Lisa Nowak had a three-year extramarital affair with William Oefelein, an astronaut colleague. The romance ended when he informed her

Neptune Transits Mars

When transiting Neptune aspects Mars, your strength, assertiveness, and willpower may feel to diminish. It can have an effect on

Neptune Transits Venus

When transiting Neptune aspects Venus, you become sensitively attuned to all matters involving romance, beauty, and style. You could possibly

Neptune Transits Sun

When Neptune transits the Sun, your perceptions of life undergo changes, especially in relation to your deepest wishes and longings.

Mars-Neptune: Intoxication

With Mars-Neptune it loosens the areas around sexuality and one’s physical self and so its energy may act misguided, unconscious,

Neptune Transits: Living the Dream

Question: What transits make dreams come true? With Neptune in our chart we can spend many years dreaming and imagining

Theresa Saldana: Stalking and Stabbing

Theresa Saldana was an American actress and author but was mostly known for raising public awareness of the crime of

Neptune Transits: The Vanishings

Under Neptune transits, some very mysterious happenings occur. The planet is prominent when you are involved in the chaotic Neptunian

Neptune Transits the 12th House

When transiting Neptune moves through the 12th house of the chart, it opens up the world of emotions, the unconscious,

Neptune Transits the 6th House

When Neptune transits the 6th house, maybe you are looking for the dream body or health regime that will be