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Neptune Transits the 5th House

When transiting Neptune is in the 5th house, astrologers believe that this transit is “hellish for your psyche” because it

Neptune Transits the 10th House

When Neptune transits the 10th house, you want to take action and materialize your dreams and visions by following the

Neptune Transits the 4th House

When Neptune transits through the 4th house, it brings idealism, longings, and inspiration into your abode. Your dream house represents

Neptune Transits the 9th House

When Neptune transits through the 9th house, you take on a new spiritual worldview, travel to ideal places only dreamed

Neptune Transits Sun: His “Neptunian Phase”

When transiting Neptune aspects the Sun it can affect an important male figure in your life. A man in your

Neptune Transits the 3rd House

When Neptune transits the 3rd house, It is a period of constant daydreaming, wishful thinking or psychic perception, and you may

Neptune Transits the 8th House

With transiting Neptune through the 8th house, it begins to weave its web into matters concerning resources and intimate involvements,

Neptune Transits the 2nd House

With these two seemingly disparate dimensions of reality, the grip on financial affairs is loosened, consciously or unconsciously, and things may

Neptune Trine Moon in Transit: The Compassionate Mother Figure

If the Moon trine Neptune aspect makes you think of the home, family, sea, drowning, boundlessness, inundated with feelings, psychic thoughts,

Neptune Transits the 7th House

When Neptune transits the 7th house, you will experience some major emotionally overwhelming experiences in relationships but will come out