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Neptune’s Dependency

Question: I have a two-part question relating to clingy, dependent people. 1.) What house placements and aspects are indicative of

Neptune: Escaping Reality

In astrology Neptune symbolizes tremendous beauty, insight, and transcendence – and although this all sounds wonderful, this planet’s experiences can

16 Neptune Quotes

With Neptune in the 7th there are many different ways where a Soul can be utterly deluded by way of

Neptune’s Projections

Question: Years ago I read a book that talked about how everyone who came into our lives reflected something in

Lunarian and Neptunian

Question: What is the difference between a Lunarian and a Neptunian? Generally, both view life emotionally from two different perspectives.

Neptune: Dispelling 33 Illusions

1. Neptune is a mysterious and distant world and in it, we see the beauty, hope, and love that we

Neptune: One More Drink? Say Yes

The planet Neptune contains shadowy shapes, distortions, and cloudy water. As it is famous for reflecting our longings back to

Neptune is the Worst

Neptune allows us to escape from limitations, ego, material world, and the harshness of everyday life. Neptune fills us up

Neptune: Lethargy

Under Neptune's mysterious commands the eyes fix on vacancy, the limbs feel heavy, the sounds of the world melt away

Neptune: Fairyland

Question: Is Neptune related to Fairy-tales? Long, long ago in a land far away in the realm of pink castles,