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Nodes Astrology

The Nodes: Deja Vu and Jamais Vu

The Moon’s Nodes are considered an important key to the interpretation of the birth chart. Sometimes referred to as ‘headphones’ icons, the South Node shows a record of your past sonic experience and what has been played over and over. It is your soul’s music and reveals formed experiences in a particular type of expression (sign) and area of life...

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Nodes Astrology

The South Node: Stuck on Repeat – North Node: A Trip into the Unknown

The Nodal axis is entangled with events or people that seem fated. the North Node represents events placed in your future revealed by the transits or progressions. The South Node represents events from your past – not just the past of this conscious life but also the past of your collective memory. The Hindus would say that the Nodes are …

Nodes Astrology

South Node in Capricorn – North Node in Cancer

The South Node in Capricorn individual has developed quite a thick-skin over-time and may be considered hard-headed and even rock-like in a particular area of life. The individual instinctively knows how to build a solid foundation in the real world, and this Node represents the various qualities within the personality connected with rock, such as reliability, coldness, and rigidity Those …

Nodes Astrology

South Node Gemini – North Node Sagittarius

The South Node in Gemini and North Node in Sagittarius presents an individual with a pure intellectual being. Various forms of education appeal and this person in previous lifetimes is thought to have spent much time in intellectual and communicative activities. Also, they may have collected lots of data and be very knowledgeable, possessing many talents. The reading, writing, information …