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The South and North Node – The Sweet and Sour

The North Node attributes are what we need to develop and strengthen; the nodal axis itself, containing both South and North Node are said to be sensitive points on the birth chart. A significant factor when interpreting the meaning of the Nodes is to think of the North Node as the key to our future… Read More »

North Node in Astrology

Question: What is the True Node about? What does it represent? This is an old term for the North Node in astrology. In actuality, there are two Nodes, and nowadays it’s called the Nodal Axis. It involves a large polarization in the personality and a magnetic pull. The Nodes are symbolic of another one of… Read More »

South Node in Aries or 1st House

The Moon’s Nodes, often called the Dragon’s path and believed to represent the purpose, objective and intention of the individual for an entire lifetime are always placed opposite in the astrological chart. The Nodes clarify the path we need to embrace in order to fulfill our goal. An individual with the South Node in Aries… Read More »

South Node in Pisces or 12th House

A person with the South Node in Pisces or the 12th house tends to drink too much of anything that connects them to the transcendent realm. An unquenchable thirst and need to delve into life’s mysteries have taken some of their energy away from productive activities; they tend to overindulge their time in procrastination. Still,… Read More »

South Node in Scorpio or 8th House

The influence of the Nodes can be influential in the life of an individual and the Nodal Axis is thought to be a person’s karmic destiny or life path the nodal axis of two opposing signs/houses means blending these energies into one powerful vibration. With the South Node in Scorpio or the 8th house the… Read More »

Fate blowing You in a Northerly Direction

Wherever the South Node is placed in the chart is the sum-total of knowledge that we have carried over from the past, describing where we have been, and what experiences we have accumulated, and also points to our natural talents, skills, and abilities. The South Node in the horoscope is a place of automatic behavior… Read More »

South Node in Capricorn – North Node in Cancer

The South Node in Capricorn individual has developed quite a thick-skin over-time and may be considered hard-headed and even rock-like in a particular area of life. The individual instinctively knows how to build a solid foundation in the real world, and this Node represents the various qualities within the personality connected with rock, such as… Read More »

South Node Gemini – North Node Sagittarius

The South Node in Gemini and North Node in Sagittarius presents an individual with a pure intellectual being. Various forms of education appeal and this person in previous lifetimes is thought to have spent much time in intellectual and communicative activities. Also, they may have collected lots of data and be very knowledgeable, possessing many… Read More »

North Node – The Road Less Travelled

A person is a traveler with a purpose and destination, and distance traveled so far. The Nodes in astrology are often called the axis of fate or destiny. We may view them as a kind of past-future partnership where the individual is headed somewhere different, but at the same time knows where he has come… Read More »