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Pluto Mars Transit

When Pluto transits Mars, you have to be careful not to be over aggressive, too sexual, or harmful to others,

Pluto Transits Mercury

When transiting Pluto aspects Mercury, sometimes, and perhaps more often than you’d care to admit, your mind travels to places

Pluto Transits Moon

When Pluto transits the Moon, you experience some of the deepest, most intense emotions of your life. The forces of

Pluto Transits Venus: The Boyfriend’s Death

With Pluto transiting Venus, our magnetism, charisma, attractiveness, emotional and sexual powers are increased. While there is immense attraction (good or

The Pluto-Transit Venus Post Coming up

With my next post coming up about Carre Otis and the death of her high school boyfriend, I have not

Transits: Pluto Aspects Venus – Sexual Abuse

When Pluto transits Venus or Mars it can indicate abuse, the attraction of sex predators, stalkers, obsessive relationships, violence, and

Shania Twain: The Affair

It was the worst betrayal imaginable. Her best friend had been having an affair with her husband of 15 years

Shania Twain: Death of Parents

It was on a tragic autumn night, the worst of her life, that she received the devastating news from her

Pluto-Sun Transit: Suicide and Mental Illness

Transiting Pluto was conjunct the Sun in Taryn Manning’s chart at the time her father committed suicide when she was

Pluto Transits Moon: Home Before Dark

As a child if you don’t feel safe in your environment you’re stuck in instinctual survival mode. You can become an