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Pluto Transits the 3rd House: Big Brother Death

When transiting Pluto transits the 3rd house it will often have an impact on a sibling, and perhaps something happens

Pluto-Moon: The Family Secret

Michael McIntyre grew up believing his father, Cameron, died of a heart attack. But almost 20 years later, his stepmother

Pluto Transits Venus: Little Sister Death

With transiting Pluto over Venus in the chart you mostly think about what’s going to happen to you in your

Pluto-Mars Transit: Sex, Power, Conflict

When transiting Pluto is aspecting Mars it can lead a woman into an extremely intense attraction. Ice cold and steaming

Pluto Trine Venus Transit: The Whiff of Fate

With Venus-Pluto the longing for destiny is nowhere stronger than in our romantic life. All too often we are forced

Madonna Raped: Pluto-Mars Transit

In 1979, while going back to her lower Manhatten apartment from an evening rehearsal, a stranger forced Madonna at knifepoint

Pluto Trine Sun Transit: The Spiritual Makeover

Pluto trine Sun is the famous makeover transit and many women often make a dramatic refashioning of their identity under

Pluto-Moon Transit: The Dead Moms Club

When the Moon is in aspect to Pluto in the natal chart, it can sometimes mean the death of the

Pluto-Venus Transit: I Married a Psycho!

Sometimes when Pluto transits Venus there are forced relationships that we feel fated to enter. We may be attracted to

Pluto-Sun Transit: The Pluto Man

Relationships entered under Pluto’s transit to the Sun can be manipulative, controlling, dominating, and jealous. In a woman’s chart, a